Here’s a few things you can expect on Sunday.

Lord’s Day Worship

We meet every Lord’s Day morning for corporate worship at 10:00am.

Our service works through 5 C’s:

  • A Call to Worship
  • Confession of Sin (with a short exhortation and then time for prayer)
  • Consecration (including Scripture reading, corporate prayer, a sermon, and the offering)
  • Communion (see who is invited to the Table here)
  • Commissioning.

This series would be a great start to learn more about our liturgy. Singing is also a key part of the assembly’s worship.

We purposefully do not have a nursery or separate Sunday school classes for kids. We believe the best way for kids to learn to worship is with their family (see “Kids in Worship” and “Worshipping for Generations”). That said, we do have what we affectionately call the “Noisy Little Worshippers Training Room” where a livestream of the service is played. Parents can use this room when little worshippers are exceptionally loud or wiggly.

For those who aren’t feeling well we offer a livestream of the service and a link to a digital copy of the bulletin.

Evening Services

On the 1st and 3rd Sunday evenings of the month, we meet together at 6:00pm for various activities that may include: singing, praying, giving of testimonies, and teaching.

Read more about evening services here.

Trinity Families Fellowship

On the 2nd and 4th (and any 5th) Sunday evenings of the month, we encourage families to fellowship at one another’s homes. This is not organized; it’s open for families to make their own plans. Once a year, however, we have Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner