Sunday Evenings

The elders see benefit for the flock to gather during the evenings on 1st and 3rd Sundays each month at 6:00pm.

We purpose to do things during these evening services that complement what happens in some of our other meetings.

Teaching Series. This not only allows us to cover additional Scriptures or address specific subjects, it also enables all the elders to share in the teaching work of the church. The current series is about The Lord’s Household.

All-church Choir Practices. Our worship in song is vital for the assembly, and these nights enable us to practice our parts and learn new songs. See even more about our Singing.

Famiily Meetings. At least twice a year we gather for reports on our church finances, on the ministry of the deacons, on related ministries, and usually includes time for general questions and answers. Here’s a bit more about Family meetings.

Prayer Nights. Also about twice a year we devote an evening service to prayer on behalf of our church, our city and state and nation, and various other needs.

This sermon on Being Together includes some further reasons for getting together on some Sunday evenings.