Life to Life

Life to Life groups are a more fun name for small groups. It’s also meant to imply a couple things.

  • We are growing up in salvation toward Christlikeness, so from new spiritual life to more mature life = life to life.
  • We are growing up in salvation together, rejoicing with rejoicers and weeping with the mourning, purposing to fulfill the one-anothers = life to life.

A typical Life to Life group meeting includes a variety of things, and usually centers on a group conversation related to a recent sermon. We all have access to much fantasitc teaching material these days but we do not have as much opportunity to ask questions and/or stimulate one another to love and good deeds. (Here’s an older sermon series with more background on the What and Why of our L2Ls.)

L2L groups are not led by church elders, though an elder participates in each group. The actual group leaders meet together a few times througout the year and have an annual retreat for sake of prayer and planning.

L2L group evenings often have snacks(!), as well as some time pre- and post- meeting for hanging out, and are just one great place (among many) to build relationships for encouragment and edification.

We do not assign anyone to a particular L2L group; we hope that one of the evenings and locations works better for you/your family. You’re welcome to visit any group any time they meet.


@the Marlatts’ in Snohomish

7:00pm - (map)

The leaders are Len Bone (email) and John Giddings (email)

@the LuggBergs’ near Arlington

7:00pm - (map)

The leaders are Chuck Weinberg (email), Ian Lugg (email), and Andy Bowers (email)

@TEC in Marysville

7:00pm - (map)

The leaders are Josh Walton (email) and Grant Weinberg (email)


@the Wibbenmeyers’ in Marysville

7:00pm - (map)

The leader is Dan Hoeglund (email)

@the Kulishovs’ in “North” Marsysville

7:00pm - (map)

The leaders are Mitch Rothenberger (email) and Philip Kulishov (email)