Men to Men

Men to Men means a couple things. It refers to men encouraging/equipping other men for sake of pursuing godly character. And in the process of sanctification men become more mature/Christlike men.

We read and discuss a variety of subjects, especially how we can better fulfill our responsibilities as Christian husbands, fathers, workers, and churchmen. Usually one of the elders leads the evening.

All men Junior High age and up are welcome.

We meet on the 2nd Monday of the month, 7:00pm at the church.

Schedule for 2023-24

October 9 - Chicago Statement on Inerrancy - Introduction (pages 6-14), the affirmations and denials about Inerrancy (15-17), and the commentary on Inerrancy (22-62)

November 13 - Chicago Statement on Hermeneutics - affirmations and denials about Hermeneutics (18-21) and the commentary on Hermeneutics (63-85)

Decmeber 11 - Six Pack and Sing at 5 Rights

January 8 - Crisis of Responsibility by Greg Bahnsen, Intro through chapter 5

February 12 - Crisis of Responsibility chapter 6 to the end

March 11 - The Covenant Household by Douglas Wilson, chapters 1-4

April 8 - The Covenant Household chapters 5-8

May through August - no meetings