About TEC

“Jesus is Lord.”

This is every Christian’s confession. It has implications for each believer’s conduct and it drives the ministry of our local church.

So at TEC we are laboring in joy to cultivate a Trinitarian community of worshipping, maturing disciples who acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord over all the world.

It starts with our Lord’s day worship as we meet every week to praise God, confess our sins, pray for His help, study His Word, commune at the Lord’s Table, and receive His blessing.

We have once a month meetings for men and for women, and we also have twice/monthly small group opportunities for more fellowship and shepherding.

Here’s What We Believe in Brief and here’s our longer statement of faith.

You might also be helped by this early sermon series working through our name; all three parts are important.

These talks from our TEC 101 seminar aim to say more about what makes us tick.

And then for a little more insight, here’s a glossary of the some of words and phrases you might hear used from the pulpit or among our people.