Thanks for visiting the website of Trinity Evangel Church in Marysville, WA. Here we have the opportunity to show some digital hospitality, and then to invite you to visit us in person.

Most importantly, we believe and so we preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our About page is a brief introduction to the church as well as some basics about what you could expect on a Sunday. Keep following the links through the site for more info.

Our Elders page includes a picture of each elder along with his wife or household. This might enable you to recognize at least some faces if you visit. That page also includes email addresses for each elder if you want to send a direct message.

Our Contact page includes our meeting address as well as our mailing address, our phone number, church email address, and links to our social media accounts.

If you do try to visit—and we’d be glad to meet you—it can be challenging! The main building is not visible from the main road, and we are working on some better signage. But here’s an attempt to provide some ways to know you’re in the right place.

The address is 9015 44th Dr NE, Marysville and most will enter the main driveway off of 88th St NE.

Here’s what the main driveway looks like from the road:

The driveway gets you to the main parking lot:

And here are the main doors to the building:

If you have questions, please let us know.