If you are reading this then you probably are on your phone, or at least some other device with a small screen, or maybe you’ve made your browser window very narrow for fun. The box that says “On your phone?” isn’t even visible on wider screens, so well done clicking around with curiosity. Hello!

We used to have an actual app for TEC. It was fine, but we don’t use that service any more.

For now, we’ve worked to make the church website mobile friendly. It should have all the functionality as the desktop version, but formatted for viewing and convenience on smaller screens.

That said, if you miss having an app icon on your phone homescreen, it is possible to get a similar effect (even with the same icon as the previous app used).

iPhone users, after reading these instructions:

  • Go the the home page:
  • Tap the bottom of the screen, click the “Share sheet” icon (it looks like a square with an arrow pointing upwards out of it, see here)
  • Scroll down through the options and click “Add to Home Screen”
  • Edit the name of the site (if you wish) and hit “done”
  • Move the icon around for preferred placement on your homescreen just as any other app icon!