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The following update is from Esther Martin, originally posted here.


Just wanted to give everyone a quick update since I know some of you have been asking!

Last Saturday was a blessing and went very well. We never know what to expect each week. This Saturday we had the opportunity to help serve the girl next to us by helping her set up her tent. That lead to good conversations and chatting with her the whole day. She was super sweet and encouraging and ended up buying 1/3 of our proceeds that day! As we talked with her we were really able to bond with her to the point where by the end of the day she came over to give us all hugs before she left! Please pray that God would use these contacts for His glory.

Also, we had multiple opportunities to share on a deeper level with people about our ministry as well as church. Seems like people in Granite Falls were more willing to stop in and chat. I had families express interest in our church. One was an older gentleman who pulled me aside and said, “We definitely want to come check out your church.” Exciting!!

Who knows where or how other seeds were planted that day. Which for me is the most humbling and best part. I can’t look and say, “I did this!”. God works all things together amazingly and wonderfully well.

Anyways, if you would like a more detailed report please feel free to find Laila, Joshua, Dineka or myself at church or study and we are HAPPY TO SHARE more. Some people seem to think we are tired of talking about it. I or we might give you a glazed look but that’s only because some of us are running on a little less than normal sleep the past few weeks. I can speak for myself when I say it does my heart good to talk about it! It truly is a joy!

Current needs for the next few weeks:


We will need two or three volunteers for the weekend of September 10th. Laila and I will both be gone. (It’s not a big deal if we don’t have someone to cover for us because we are not “required” to be there every Saturday). However, if we can we do want to keep a strong presence as much as we can!

The basics of running the booth are pretty simple and if you have the time I am asking “booth running volunteers” to take the online food handlers test before to make sure we follow state regulations. If getting a food handlers permit is not possible we can also just not serve “food/drinks” the week you would like to volunteer. Lots of flexibility there, which is great!

For those who want to take the test, please follow the link to get your card: (It’s entertaining if nothing else

Baked Goods:

This week I have lemon bars…at least that I know of. If anyone has time this week we are always looking for more goodies!


Please pray that we would have sweet time in the word. Balancing a few jobs, and keeping time in the word is most definitely a challenge the past couple weeks. The devil knows how busy we are and he knows how to work that to his advantage. That can obviously have a negative effect on our testimony in our homes and then also in front of hundreds of people who stop by our booths on Saturdays! It’s humbling to think that we could be the first “glimpse” of the gospel some of these people get. We need prayer to live it out well. Please pray for Laila and I and whoever wants to volunteer that the Lord would bless us abundantly with time in His word. This ministry is an absolute waste if we go about it in a hypocritical soul empty, man glorifying manner. We want this to be an application of our faith and an overflow of the work God is doing in our hearts first! While we appreciate complements and encouragement it is far to easy to let our little airheads puff up! So please pray for our humility as well!

Also please pray for the families that have expressed interest in coming to check out Trinity! I am excited at the thought that probably half of the children in Tulalip and surrounding towns will be walking advertisements for 127Adoptions!